Weekly Drops of Wisdom – dōTERRA Essential Oils for Sleep

doTERRA Balance Close to Your Heart

Hello friends! This week we are focused on sleep and relaxation with essential oils.

As the end of the school year is winding down some people have found it difficult to get the full amount of sleep their body needs. Luckily, dōTERRA has a few products that are calming to the body and promote relaxation.

Diffuse calming essential oils, such as Lavender or Bergamot, before bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere. dōTERRA Balance, Breathe, Cilantro, Clary Sage, Melissa, Sandalwood, dōTERRA Serenity, Thyme, and Roman Chamomile, are all great oils to diffused to promote peacefulness. Alternately, they can also be taken internally to soothe your body and improve sleep.

For additional tips to help improve your sleep, visit our Essential Oils for Sleep blog here.

Author: Mike Wilhelmi

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