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Hello friends! Today is Labor Day in the United States. It reminds me that some people enjoy diffusing dōTERRA essential oils at work to promote an energizing mood. One of favorite ways to use essential oils each day is by diffusing them in a dōTERRA cold-water diffuser. We diffuse essential oils in our home in the evening when going to bed or when one of our children is suffering with a respiratory challenges, for example. Essential oils offer many benefits when diffused for the respiratory system and other body systems.

If you choose to diffuse essential oils it can offer many other benefits to you and your family as well. Diffusing can purify the air in your home, it can help to maintain emotions, promote healthy airways, and they can minimize the effect of potential seasonal threats. If you want to get started taking advantage of these benefits there options include diffusers sold by dōTERRA such as the Aroma Lite Diffuser, the Lotus Diffuser, the Lumo Diffuser or the Petal Diffuser. These are quality diffusers. There are also other diffusers made by other companies available online and in stores that you can choose from. dōTERRA has the highest purity and quality standards for its essential oils which is why we chose to become dōTERRA Wellness Advocates.

If you are interested in purchasing a dōTERRA diffuser for your home you can purchase your favorite dōTERRA diffuser here. If you have any questions about diffusers or dōTERRA essential oils please reach out to us. We would be happy to help you as we enjoy sharing our knowledge and benefits of essential oils with everyone!

Author: Mike Wilhelmi

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