Weekly Drops of Wisdom – dōTERRA Cypress

Hello friends! It is time for another weekly drop of wisdom. Are you in need of an energy boost to get everything done in your day? If so try dōTERRA’s Cypress essential oil. When used aromatically or topically Cypress essential oil promotes vitality and is energizing. Diffuse in the morning or apply to the back of the neck to give you a motivational boost to get a difficult task completed. Fill your home with the fresh woodsy scents of fall by diffusing dōTERRA Cypress, White fir, and Cedarwood. Relax after a taxing day by adding dōTERRA Cypress oil and Epsom salt to a warm bath. Reduce the appearance of oily skin by adding a drop of Cypress oil to your face lotion. When applied topically, Cypress oil will leave your skin looking healthy and radiant! Click here learn more about dōTERRA’s Cypress Essential Oil  or purchase a bottle of dōTERRA Cypress essential oil here!

Author: Mike Wilhelmi

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