Keep Calm with AromaTouch® and Marjoram

AromaTouch and Marjoram

In the midst of daily activities and responsibilities it’s easy to let feelings of worry and stress creep in. According to Dr. Hill “stress induces physiologic changes that cause a natural resistance to weight loss and can reduce immune capability.” In an attempt to counter…

Finding Contentment and Stability with doTERRA Peace® and doTERRA Balance®

Peace and Balance

Learning how to use essential oils to help adjust and manage common emotions can be a powerful tool. Whatever emotions your unique set of circumstances may bring to your life today, most everyone has a strong drive and desire to feel peaceful and centered. The…

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Empowered Life Series: Immune and Respiratory Health

Immune and Respiratory Health presentation topics as hosted by Roxane Bybee, Robin Jones, and Natalie Goddard. Robin Jones: Practical Use Suggestions for immune and respiratory health   Roxane Bybee: Looking Beyond the Basics with Essential Oils Natalie Goddard: Melissa Essential Oil

New Year, New You!

Carol Wilhelmi and I are excited to announce that we are participating in the New Year, New You! promotion from doTerra.  By attending one of our upcoming classes in February 2017 you have the opportunity to qualify for 100 free product points! Here is a…

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Empowered Life Series: Cellular Vitality and Energy

Welcome to another installment of the doTERRA Empowered Life Series. This educational series happen every month to give you an opportunity to learn about doTERRA natural solutions! This topic is Cellular Vitality and Energy hosted by Dr. David Hill, Dr. Tory Parker, Laura Jacobs, Justin…