Empowered Life Series: Fitness and Weight Management

doTERRA’s Empowered Life Series Webinar: Fitness and Weight Management!  Watch the replay below and learn how to set weight management goals and get great fitness tips from your hosts: Kyle Kirschbaum, Wes Hobson, Ange Peters, Dana Moore, and Dr. Damian Rodriguez. It’s a new year—make it…

Blends for Internal Use: DigestZen® and Slim & Sassy®

DigestZen and Slim and Sassy

If we know anything about essential oils, it’s that by themselves they are powerful tools, but with expert blending, their effects have a synergy that have even greater impact. The doTERRA blends DigestZen® and Slim & Sassy® are so effective for digestive and metabolic health…

Which Deep Blue®?

Take a look at the Deep Blue® line, and chances are you might be surprised by the number of ways that this blend is offered. So, which one do you need in this moment? Learn more by reading what each product is made for below:…

Add Flavor with Cardamom or Cilantro

Cardamom and Cilantro

While their flavors couldn’t be any more different, Cardamom and Cilantro oil can add flavor and digestive benefits to your essential oil collections. Both of these plants are well-known ingredients in the culinary world. Cardamom seeds are used as a spice that is commonly used…

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Keep Calm with AromaTouch® and Marjoram

AromaTouch and Marjoram

In the midst of daily activities and responsibilities it’s easy to let feelings of worry and stress creep in. According to Dr. Hill “stress induces physiologic changes that cause a natural resistance to weight loss and can reduce immune capability.” In an attempt to counter…

Wellness Advocates

Mike & Carol Wilhelmi

Mike & Carol Wilhelmi

Michael and Carol Wilhelmi, doTERRA Wellness Consultants, share information about how essential oils can help you to maintain and support your health and the health of your family. Mike and Carol share their knowledge of essential oils with you in ways such as free educational classes, phone calls, text messages, books, social media and emails, whichever way that you prefer to learn. Carol is a homeschooling mom with two young children, ages 8 and 5. Carol and Michael use essential oils daily in the normal routines of the day and night with their family. Some examples of our own usage are: Essential oils are diffused in our home to support our respiratory system. Essential oils are applied topically to our bodies to help boost our immune systems and a variety of other ways to support and maintain our health. Essential oils are diffused in the home in order to improve the quality of the indoor air (to eliminate odors and to disinfect). Essential oils are used to clean and disinfect our floors and bathrooms and other areas in the home naturally. Essential oils are used by our family to naturally support our respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. doTERRA also has heathly product lines including natural deodorants, skin care, women's health, and has very popular nutritional supplements which contain essential oils. If any of these ways that we use essential oils with our family sound like something you are interested in starting for yourself or your family please reach out to us. We would be glad to share our knowledge and resources with you.

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